Our Strengths


At Shahlon, we welcome all our customers to a completely new level of yarn and fabric sourcing. With an inventory system that comprises a wide range of yarns and fabrics to choose from, we offer a one-stop solution for all fancy yarn and fabric needs.


Having been in business for over 30 years, we have always been at par with embracing changes in technology and innovation. Our continuous product development process and the experience and knowledge of our R&D team empowers us to be trailblazers in the market.


At Shahlon, we continuously invest in state of the art technology and equipment across all our areas of operations to adopt globally accepted manufacturing technology, delivering speed, versatility and most importantly, quality.


Product quality is of supreme importance for us at Shahlon. We ensure exceptional quality control across our entire manufacturing process through extensive testing methods, to adhere to all quality specifications.


Our ‘quality-first’ approach extends to all our areas of operations, including customer support. From understanding the basic requirements of our customers to offering pre-sales and postsales service, the highly responsive and dedicated team at Shahlon ensures we continuously exceed customer expectations.